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I offer commissions on artworks in traditional mediums (ex.- paintings, etc.), wall murals, jewelry making, and other random crafts, including making ritual items. Check out my gallery or posts on my Facebook page to get some ideas of my style.
Will do house blessings if you are in the Central Georgia area. Price is determined by distance. For quotes or estimates on pricing you can fill out requests on the “request quote” page and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the estimate or further information, etc.
If it’s something outside my skills or abilities, then one of my sisters or collaborators may be able to help you. I just need to have a basic understanding of what you are looking for first.

Commission Description
Ritual Services
House blessings, spell jars, spellwork, cleansing, etc.
Ritual Tools
Wands, brooms, staves, smudge fans, divination tools, etc.
Jewelry, wire wrap, etc.
Canvas, wall murals (service), etc.
Dream-catchers, protection wards, etc.
If it's not listed, wouldn't hurt to ask 🙂
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