• 6717 Hawkinsville Road, Macon, GA 31216


I offer commissions, made-to-order products, and services upon request. You can see the majority of my works in the shop. I prefer simplistic, natural, and rustic styles. For services, the location may add to the cost, depending on how far I must travel, if required. Just note that I am limited to the central Georgia areas.

Consultation for a quote or estimate is free, but half the cost is required upfront to get started and is nonrefundable.
Spell Jar
* House Blessing
* Cleansing
For cleansing the self, areas or rooms.
Spell Kit
Would include items and instructions needed for it's purpose.
Ritual Items
wands, staves, brooms, smudge fans, etc.
Supply Kits
A customized set of supplies put together such as incense resins, smudge sticks, herbs, candles, etc.
Wards, dream catchers, talismans, amulets, etc.
Pendulums, boards, mirrors, etc.
Comes with a free simple cord.
Wire Wrapping
Will wire wrap your gemstones. Style is simple/standard.
Paintings done on canvas.
Wood Block
Paintings done on wood.
* Wall Murals
Must be in person and therefore restricted to the Central Georgia areas.