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We are a small “COEXIST” business, which means we cater to all religions and paths, even nonreligious or secular ones. The use or "intent" of our products is the sole responsibility of the customer, as we keep our products neutral.


We don't claim to know everything and we certainly aren't the final answer to any or all questions. We encourage you to question, inquire, and seek other sources.


We try to do our best to offer accurate and knowledgeable information. We try to include both common to varied traditions for our visitors.

A few things we offer

These are but small examples of what we can offer. Feel free to ask questions, offer suggestions, or check out our knowledge base for more details.


Spiritual Guidance

We can offer you readings, as well as some spiritual guidance. For issues in the paranormal, we have the means and resources to get you further help in the matter.


Ritual Works

We offer to perform rituals or spell works on your behalf. You will receive the ashes or whatever by-product of the ritual if there are any.


Tools & Supplies

We offer religious/ritual tools and supplies. We either make them ourselves or can order them for you.


Commissions & Custom Works

We offer various commissions and customization. Costs of commissions will vary depending on which of us you have to do them, as well as time material, and so forth.