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Who Are We?

Amy Smallwood

Amy Smallwood

Artist - Crafter - High Priestess
Owner and sole proprietor of IT-A-BIT-A-MAGICK. The style of work is both rustic and natural. Skills include paintings, jewelry making, wall murals, woodwork, wood burning, and more.

Denise Cummings

Artist - Artisan - High Priestess

Owner of MoonFaerie Studio and main "collaborative" partner. Provides higher-end works both digital and traditional, and creates promotional stuff for the shop. Also created, provides information and maintains the contents and features of this website for the shop owner.

Other Collaborators

We also have various other collaborators that work with us on occasion whether it’s a service or a product. Each has different skills, talents, and connections that allow us to help you better. So whether you’re looking for something rustic, higher-end, whimsical, complex, simple, or even just some spiritual guidance, we will help you to the best of our abilities.
We will only list the ones that are either the most consistent, active, or have made a major contribution to the shop.

Talia Samedi

Medium - Nun/Sister - Paranormal Researcher (S.P.I.R.)

Offers spiritual guidance and helps with spiritual warfare.

Place holder for future additions.