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That totally depends on what the item, etc. is exactly. Before going into the process, there are things to keep in mind first. Granted these are on the extreme spectrum but does get the point across because you’d be surprised at what we’re asked to get/obtain at times. Seriously… you may or may not be surprised, but the below examples do give you an idea.

Things to keep in mind…

  1. Keep it legal. No, we cannot get you eagle feathers, peyote, and other things that are considered illegal for a normal/average person to have in this state (or your state, if you are not local). But we can get you turkey feathers dyed like eagle feathers, species that are not protected and are considered pests like coyotes, foxes, crows, etc. We can try our best to find you the next best substitute for what you are looking for if it’s available.
  2. Keep it within reason. The only dragon’s egg you’ll get is either a handmade one, a lizard’s egg, or what we call a cracked/uncracked geode in our shop. We cannot get you some ancient relic of legends or “actual” items from a fictional source. Yes, the Necronomicon (by H.P. Lovecraft) and stuff from Harry Potter Series (by J.K. Rowling) are works of fiction, meaning not real. You might, at best, get an equivalent substitute or alternative, but never the actual thing. Also, no crazy rare or expensive stuff, because those are very hard or difficult to get and even if you can afford it, you’d be best to hire specialists for that since you’d probably be able to afford it.
  3. Keep it safe. Now granted we make our products with neutral intent, meaning it’s up to the buyer how or what they use it for, but we still highly suggest/recommend not doing anything with potentially ill or dangerous intent. With that thought in mind, we will not get someone who is just starting out in, let’s say, advanced or high ceremonial magick like Enochian, Golden Dawn rituals or stuff involving things that could be dangerous to the inexperienced, simply because it’s just not right to do so on any level you look at it. There is no quick fix or fast path, that’s considered “safe”, anyways. There’s always a hefty price for that sort of thing and it’s just not something we condone.


We’re more than happy to help you find/get the things you are looking for! There is a flat rate fee for search/handling, plus what costs us to obtain the item for you. This is assuming you are picking up locally. If you are wanting it to be shipped to you, then an additional shipping cost from us to you will be added on top of that.
If it’s something we can make, you’ll go through our commission format. Either way, a consultation is required so that all parties are on the same page and in agreement.

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