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Prayer for Protection
Mother of the gods, the One, the Only,
Mistress of the Crowns, you rule all.
Sekhmet is your name when you are wrathful,
Bast, beloved, when your people call.
Daughter of the Sun, with flame and fury
Flashing from the prow upon the foe.
Safely sails the Boat with your protection
Passing scatheless where your fires glow.
Daughter of the Sun, the burial chamber
Lies in the darkness till your light appears.
From your Throne of Silence send us comfort,
Bast, beloved, banish all our fears.
Mother of the Gods, no Gods existed
Till you came there and gave them life.
Sekhmet of the Boat, the wicked fear you
Trampling down all evil and all strife.
Mother of the Gods, the great, the loved one,
Winged and mighty, unto you, we call,
Naming you the Comforter, the Ruler,
Bast, beloved, Mother of us all.
Bast, descend upon me. Fill me with you.
Expel all evil forces from me.
Destroy and banish all witchcraft, bonds, and curses.
Drive out all obsession, envy, and jealousy. Physical, mental, moral, and spiritual illness.
Use your strength to command all evil spirits,
all presences that bother me, to abandon me immediately.
Let them withdraw me forever and burn in eternal hell.
I remain protected, armored, anointed, sealed, and cleaned.
Inside and out, in your name, Bast.
With your presence and your powerful armor,
I consecrate and surrender my night, with my sleep and my rest.
My day and all my activities.
Take away everything that could harm me.
Any envies, accusations, revenge, anger, betrayals,
hatred, phobias, fears, doubts, confusion, lies, deceptions,
bitterness, and depression.
Help me so that nobody can cause me damage,
and forgive me for any harm that I have caused so far.
May your power defend me and set me free.
Bast, beloved, banish all my fears.
You are the divine Flame,
you are the great Flame at the prow of the Boat of your father.
Praise to you who are mightier than the Gods.

Prayer of Thanks

Lady Bast beloved of the Gods (Mau Bast Merit Netcheru) we call to you Mighty Lady of the East, Right eye of Ra.
Thank you Beloved daughter of Ra for the blessings you bestow on all of us every day.
Thank you for your love, most Powerful Mother. Thank you for the Peace and Protection you bring into our homes, to the temples and Sanctuaries; to the people and your Beloved Animals!
We are renewed by your Blessings each day, you are the rekindler of new life, Beloved Lady of Bubastis, who grants your creation, from the first occasion. [The world was said to have emerged from an infinite, lifeless sea when the sun rose for the first time, in a distant period known as Zep Tepi, or the First Occasion.]
Goddess, you are the Concealed One who shows us love and affection and who grants us pleasure to experience the deepest fulfillment of life. Our hearts rejoice in your presence like the Lotus praises Ra on each new day.
Lady of Blossoming you bring us joy and we thank you for bestowing this upon all of us! You have our love, oh beautiful Bast, Powerful One, Soul of Isis.
Offerings we make to you, Flame of the Sun, Great Protectoress, Daughter of Delight, Infinite Fulfillment Made Manifest. Most honored Bast!

~ version of Hymn to Bast by Rahopet (circa 2000 BCE)

Prayer for a Cat/Kitten who passed away

Bast, Sekhmet, we give you back your child. Noble, regal, honorable cat. Watch over her and guide her on her way to the spirit world. May she be blessed in your name and hunt ever after beside you.

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